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  • GOSPEL HUMANITY never requests funds to be sent through Western Union.

  • GOSPEL HUMANITY never abandons its employees abroad and never expects them to pay their own transportation costs.

  • GOSPEL HUMANITY never stops responding to the needs of an employee who is sick or injured.

  • GOSPEL HUMANITY never participates in lottery prizes.

Any official information must come from the corporate GOSPEL HUMANITY.
For more information, visit our website; If you feel that you are being scammed call us at Telephone: +1 (407) 437-0355

Yes. You can use Any currency. FOR EXAMPLE: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RMB.

No, every donation makes a difference.

No. Every donation makes a difference; however, if your donation is through a Credit / Debit Card or Paypal, take into account that these methods charge transaction fees, which can significantly reduce any donation below $ 5 dollars.

Yes. We are registered in the United States. FEI / EIN Number 82-3822746.

Get in touch with us immediately. The tokens will be made until their existence expires; Once exhausted, you will be informed on our website.

You will find the complete information in the Legal section of our website.


Si eres una organización sin fines de lucro registrada legalmente y con evidencia de operaciones

If you are a legally registered nonprofit organization with evidence of humanitarian operations, you may qualify to receive benefits from the budget defined for these purposes in Gospel Humanity. Contact us for more information.

GospelCoin is a gift for people who donate for humanitarian purposes. To receive gift and gratitude tokens, register on our website and make a donation. As gratitude you will be given the value of your donation in GospelCoin tokens. The amount will appear in your Gospel Humanity virtual office.

No. Gospel Humanity does not sell cryptocurrencies. GospelCoin is a gift for people who donate for humanitarian purposes.

Gospel Humanity tiene una IDP. Gospel Humanity no vende token, las colaboraciones tienen fines humanitarios y sin fines lucrativos.

As an internal symbol, the gift will be awarded at $ 0.09c, $ 0.11c, $ 0.13c, 0.15c.

Gospel Humanity tiene una IDP. Gospel Humanity no vende token, las colaboraciones tienen fines humanitarios y sin fines lucrativos.

It is the Initial Donation Proposal, it could be compared with the abbreviations ICO although it is different in itself. While the majorities of Cryptographic Companies launch an ICO for profit, that is, they sell tokens; Gospel Humanity does not sell token, collaborations are for humanitarian and non-profit purposes.

ICO means "initial supply of coins" and is a means to increase the crypto-capital through a crowdfunding campaign through the distribution of tokens. Once the ICO process is done, the tokens can be used on a platform or traded in encrypted exchanges, with the supply and demand of the market deciding on their fair value.

Every day we look for organizations and individuals who share our vision to work together around the world.

In the collaborators section you can tell us how you share our passionate to change world and how you want to support our cause.

Contact us in the collaborators section to receive information about programs and opportunities of help near your community and be part of the positive changes.

No. We are an organization that seeks to reflect the love of God in all our programs. However, we do not represent a particular religious organization; We are a Non-denominational Organization.

No. At Gospel Humanity, we base our values ​​on the biblical teachings of love and responsibility toward others, which is reflected in our approach to recognize the inherent value of each individual, regardless of religion, race, nationality, gender or beliefs. We do not perform proselytizing of any kind. With our social support programs and partnerships with organizations involved in social work, we hope to work together with people from all over the world to build together opportunities for improvement for all.

Gospel Humanity is an unprecedented nonprofit organization whose mission is to forever change the circle of social inequality by creating a philanthropic ecosystem in social and humanitarian well-being through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology. By working closely with humanitarian, social and religious organizations around the world, we can create balance and justice.

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